Mentor Program Guidelines

The primary goal of the Mentorship Program is to foster an increase in the professional dialogue between SUNY advancement professionals and to encourage growth of individuals within the SUNY system. By making a one-year commitment to the program, mentors and mentees agree to contact one another several times a year, share information on professional development opportunities, and discuss mutual areas of professional interest.
The program is open to all SUNY advancement professionals. Mentors are required to have five or more years experience in the field. There are no experience requirements for mentees.

Contact may be in-person, by phone, email, etc. At least one face-to-face meeting (one option is to meet at the annual conference) is encouraged, although not required.

Mentors/mentees are encouraged to begin the process with an email or phone discussion centering on what they would like to accomplish through this program. After developing several focus areas (for instance, a concentration on potential visibility options, the expansion of individual SUNY contact lists, etc.), they should begin to set up a schedule of occasional meetings or conversations, or mutually agree on an "open door" policy for random calls or emails.

Each individual mentor/mentee dialogue will be self directed. However, at least once a year, the coordinator of the program will check in with both parties to discuss progress, lend support, etc.

The mentor/mentee dialogue, which is based on trust and confidentiality, may be discontinued at any time. Mentors and mentees must make an effort to provide positive feedback, and must remain professional at all times.